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Prediction of the next Bull Run

We caught this image that analyzes and predicts the bull and bear markets which is extremely accurate! This was created in 1875 by Samuel Benner and it shows periods of panic, as well as periods when to make money.

The 150-year-old Benner Cycle has predicted almost all major crises since the mid-1920s. It accurately foresaw the Great Depression, WW2, the Dot Com bubble, and the COVID crash which we recently went through. January 10, 2020 is when Covid was started and in the prediction 2019 would be a year where a panic occurred.

Since Covid we saw a decline in markets due to the impact on a global scale. It's now 2023 and we are currently in a period of hard times and lowering asset prices, which indicates that soon there will be a good time to buy assets. It really is a time to accumulate.

Periods When to Make Money
Fascinating 150-year-old math and logic.

It is said that Samuel Benner was a wealthy farmer who was wiped out financially by the 1873 panic. He discovered a high degree of cyclicality in his search for the reasons behind market changes. Source: Benners Prophecies: Future Ups And Down In Prices.

The choice is in your hands to grow your wealth or watch on the sidelines.

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