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EP2: How to Get Web3 Jobs & Hiring Web3 Developers

Do want to know how to get Web3 jobs and hire Web3 developers? This questions is being asked by those who want to thrive against the odds in a troubled economy. There are proven strategies where a candidate can stand out and land a job in Web3 even in a bear market.

Ep 2 with Aram Mughalyan
Ep 2 with Aram Mughalyan


In this episode, we unravel the true meaning of Web3, debunking its misuse and clarifying its essence. Aram also spills the beans on invaluable advice for those aspiring to break into the Web3 space. It's the ultimate guide for anyone looking to kickstart their career in this exciting realm of possibilities!

Oh, and did we mention we discuss the stark differences in strategies when it comes to talent acquisition in Web2 versus Web3? Get ready to uncover the secrets behind building top-notch teams in the decentralized future.

🔊 So, whether you're a curious listener, a tech enthusiast, or someone eager to explore the vast potential of Web3, this podcast episode is a must-listen! Tune in now to gain insights from Aram Mughalyan and discover how to thrive in the world of Web3 jobs and hiring.


We had an incredible conversation, during which we covered a number of topics such as:

  • True meaning of web3

  • Creating your own "proof of work"

  • Differences in hiring in web2 vs web3

  • How to build on chain credibility & reputation

  • How to break into web3 during the crypto winter

  • The journey of building Solidate, a web3 talent DAO

About the Guest

Aram Mughalyan - CEO of, a web3 builder, currently working on Solidate - A user-owned decentralized talent platform (DAO) that's helping web3 startups hire top talent.

Outside of work he's an avid sports enthusiast and endurance athlete who runs Ultras, shirtless marathons at sub zero temperatures and does other uncommon physical challenges. He's passionate about traveling, reading technology books and sharing his journey publicly on LinkedIn.

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Time: 54:59

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