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EP 1: Introducing The Startup Voyage Podcast

In this podcast, the host Arthur G Lee, gives the backstory for the concept and purpose for this podcast.

  • The audience are tech founders, tech investors, and newly minted or budding entrepreneurs.

  • The content pillars include investors interviews, product/service reviews, emerging tech showcase (i.e. AI, blockchain, Web 3), and real world use cases of the successes or failures of founders and investors.

  • Discover the extraordinary tales of groundbreaking founders and visionary investors as they embark on a journey to redefine the status quo and shape a brighter future for all. Our podcast is a captivating platform that dives deep into the stories behind these trailblazers who dare to challenge conventional norms and create meaningful impact.

  • Background of the Host, Arthur G Lee

Be a guest on the podcast:

Time: 25min 36sec

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