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Web3 Entrepreneur Productivity Hacks: How To Boost Efficiency And Profits

Helping Web3 entrepreneurs optimize their time so they can maximize their profits using productivity hacks.

This includes:

1. The Hustle culture in the startup /Web3 entrepreneur space

2. Investing your time with the mindset of an employee vs the mindset of a visionary leader

3. Creating operational structures to leverage your time.

The host Arthur Lee, is joined with Michael Yeung, Founder of Elite Productivity. Michael Yeung is a productivity expert, business coach, and founder of Elite Productivity.

Having had his fair share of 100 work weeks and crippling burnouts, Michael discovered & validated a different approach to productivity, building a life & business he's wildly proud of, and mastering what it means to have full autonomy.

With the mission to help entrepreneurs masterfully invest their time for maximal profit, freedom and fulfillment, Michael has had the privilege to work with clients across 14 different countries and countless industries.

Helping them surpass their ambitious goals in businesses while reclaiming the time freedom they deserve.

Speaker Details Michael Yeung Founder of Elite Productivity

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