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Why Brands are Spending Millions in the Metaverse

Welcome to a special episode of our podcast, diving deep into the captivating phenomenon of the metaverse. In this episode, we uncover why brands invest millions in the Metaverse.

Joining us today is Weronkia Mar (Marciniak), Founder and CEO of Future is Meta, who will reveal the motivations behind the increased amount of investments to explore the metaverse and its potential for brand engagement.

1) Introduction to Future is meta, it’s mission, and vision on how brands can connect with audiences in immersive ways.

2) From virtual storefronts to social experiences, we explore storytelling and engagement possibilities.

3) Sharing real-world case studies, insights, and strategies for meaningful connections.

4) Understand how brands have been able to reach new demographics and stay ahead of the curve. (i.e. Polish Banks)

5) For brands wanting to get into this space what are the risks, concerns, and ethical considerations in this evolving landscape, from data privacy to authenticity.

6) For brands how to get started, and create a business case for stakeholder buyin.

At the conclusion of this episode you would be able to understand why Brands Spend Millions in Metaverse.

As the founder and CEO of Future is meta, a leading metaverse agency, Weronika Marciniak is an entrepreneur who specializes in bringing existing brands into the metaverse and building their presence in virtual worlds. With a background in architecture, she has a deep understanding of how to create immersive virtual environments that blend seamlessly with the physical world.

Weronika has been at the forefront of the metaverse industry for several years, and her expertise has been recognized by major brands. She and her team at Future is meta provide a full scope of services including unique design, development, and deployment.

With a passion for innovation and a dedication to providing the best possible experience for her clients and their audiences, Weronika is a driving force in the metaverse industry. Her work is paving the way for a new era of virtual engagement, where brands can connect with customers in entirely new ways.

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Why Brands are Spending Millions in the Metaverse with Weronkia Mar (Marciniak) and Arthur G Lee, The Startup Voyage
Why Brands are Spending Millions in the Metaverse

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